Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Millennial Song

First and foremost, god damn you Micah Tyler*!! Why does your song have to be so damn catchy! Seriously, I can't help but sing along, and then get angry with myself because I'm basically sing-dissing myself!

On a more serious note, I can't help but both agree and disagree with the points Micah makes in his catchy tune.

I mean seriously, man buns. Can we just stop with the man buns. They're terrible, and they don't even suit most of the men you see sporting them!

And don't get me wrong, all those millennials coasting through life without a job and firmly believing they'll make their riches one day, anger me as much as the Gen X sitting next to me. But, they are not the majority of us! So many millennials are working 2, or even 3 jobs, to get themselves through university and to simply pay their rent, bills and put food on their tables. I know a number of millennials working 40 hours a week and struggling through a full time uni load just to make ends meet and try to better their futures.

Do they complain about it? Sure!
Would you complain if you were in their situation? Probably!
So why can't be let them have their sook and move on with our lives!

Next comes the good old "Instagram selfies" argument. We millennials spend WAY too much time on social media and posing for the PERFECT selfie. I mean honestly, generations before us didn't have problems like this with the current "hip, cool technology" that the generation before them weren't privy to/ don't understand ...

And that brings me to my main point with this post. The thing about this video, and other videos, articles, pictures, etc is that it's really nothing new. Prvious generations enjoyed the same lack of understanding and assumptions made by the generations who came before them.

But, for the millennials suffering through the same fate now, these views and assumptions are much more obvious and in our faces. As much as the older generations like to complain about millennials spending too much time on the internet, they too are using this powerful tool to try and bring us down from the pedestals they believe we perceive ourselves to be on.

Anyway, that's enough millennial complaining for one day. I'm late to head down to the coffee shop and order my soy latte and smashed avo brunch!

Tell me in the comments below: What's the most annoying assumption about millennials? Or are we all just entitled brats?

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